Fitting the Panels

HEATKEEPER Panels have been specially designed to be easy to fit without removing radiators:

  • The size and shape of the panel is designed to be suitable for the most common household radiators in use in the UK;
    HEATKEEPER Panel with a typical radiator
  • Cutting divisions and scissor lines have been incorporated into the panel design to make it easy to adapt to varying radiator dimensions;Panel showing divisions and cut lines
    See Section Numbers in the illustration to the right
    Radiator Height (mm) Use Section Numbers * Panel Height (mm)
    300 2+3 260
    400 1+2+3 375
    450 3+4 410
    500 2+3+4 465
    600 1+2+3+4 580
  • Illustrated, easy-to-follow fitting instructions are included in the pack along with industrial-standard
    self-adhesive fixing tape.
    Pack of panels and fitting instructions
  • View video on HEATKEEPER Radiator Panels and how to fit them or read a transcript.

    Download a copy of the HEATKEEPER Panel Fitting Instructions.